Who we are?


To foment whole human and economic development among mexican employees and its families promoting familiar save trough grants access to credit low cost in order to acquire products and services of high quality. Contribute to develop regional economy and enhance internal market being a self-sufficiency financial Institution and assuming our social responsibilities with strictly attachment.


To be the best financial Institution for Mexican employees and to accomplish our mission providing high quality services to our customers.

Quality Policy

To accomplish Fonacot’s Institute mission and vision practicing ethic principles and values, within a process of continue improvement and customer satisfaction.

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Wednesday May 12th 2010, 17:43

Instituto del Fondo Nacional para el Consumo de los Trabajadores
Teléfono: 52657400 y 01800 FONACOT (366 2268) Lada Sin Costo Av. Insurgentes Sur No 452, Col. Roma Sur, Del. Cuauhtémoc, CP. 06760