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The Institute for the National Fund for Employee Consumption it is a government-related entity that grants access to credit to affiliated employees in order to acquire of products and services of high quality.

Among the products and services that may be obtained are the following: cars, home remodeling or enlargements, scholarships to study languages, computers or college studies, maternity and health expenses, the housing or apartment registration process, etc.

We provide Cash Loans!

“The Credit in cash” provides monetary assistance to our clients should they need to cover debts, unexpected payments or any other type of payments.

The allowances are salary-based and payments can be spread over 6 or 18 months. In both cases (credit card and cash loans), we are able to offer the lowest interest rates on the market. The requirements are straightforward and the process is fairly simple. Also, fixed monthly amounts can be deducted from your salary.

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Instituto del Fondo Nacional para el Consumo de los Trabajadores
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